More Than 85 Percent of People Back Punishment of Terrorists: VP Saleh

Kabul (BNA) First Vice President in a tweet on Tuesday said that more than 85 percent of Afghan masses backed the call for capital punishment of terrorists involved in different crimes in the country.

“Of 20K comments on the Dari & Pashtu version of this statement on social media more than 85% have backed the call for capital punishment for terrorists involved in crimes such as sticky bombs, IED in the cities, target killings of civil society members, journalists & kidnappings,” VP Saleh tweeted.

The tweet comes after Taliban reacted to VP Saleh’s another tweet on Monday, saying that would use alternatives ways if Afghan government executive their detainees.

“Our brave security & law enforcement personnel have apprehended & captured dozens of terrorists involved in sticky bombs, IEDs & target killings. Due to release of 5500 terrorists before they think they will walk free too. Capital punishment is needed to stop the wave of terror,” VP Saleh said in a tweet on Monday.

In spite of the ongoing talks, violence has surged in Afghanistan and both the Afghan government and the international community asked Taliban to shun violence and declare ceasefire.

Hundreds of civilians have lost their lives in the violence, which has displaced tens of thousands of people since the 2020 February deal, while Afghan government has endured a resurgence in assassination attacks and magnet bombs.

Prior to VP Saleh, some residents and lawmakers also demanded the executions of Taliban members suspected of being behind major attacks.

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