National Hajj Committee’s Session Held

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by second vice president Sarwar Danesh, the session of national committee of hajj was held yesterday.
First, second vice president while speaking related to responsibilities of relevant organs and implementation of hajj process in accordance with aspiration of pilgrims and the people of Afghanistan asked members of the committee to deliver to the session their working reports.
Afterwards, minister of hajj reported the session related to recent executions and measures made and taken by the ministry for this year’s hajj process.
Based on the report of the ministry, residential buildings of pilgrims in Makah and Madina, procurement of vaccines, providing medicines and necessary health equipment, necessary vehicles for pilgrims and signing agreement with Ariana Afghan Airlines for taking Afghan pilgrims to Saudi Arabia have been finalized, showing 65 USD decrease in each air ticket comparing to last year.
He further said that signing of MoU between relevant organs in connection with collecting, transferring and withdrawing of the pilgrims’ money, providing scan in Makah and Madina cities by decreasing the price comparing to last year, signing a MoU for meal allowance for pilgrims and 24 hours transport facilities between Masjidul Haram and shrines have also finalized.
At the end of the session, second vice president by expressing happiness over steps and measures taken by the committee’s member organs in connection with hajj process once again stressed on serious attention of relevant organs in this regard, asking them to spare no effort towards fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. It is determined that nearly 24250 individuals will be dispatched to Saudi Arabia for performing hajj pilgrimage this year.

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