National Interests, ANSDF’s Support Govt.’s Top Priorities, CE

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the session of council of ministers was held yesterday at Sapidar palace.
In the session, the country’s chief executive once again congratulated Independence Day to the nation and wished paradise to those Afghans martyred during holy war for freedom of the country and after that in defending the people and country. He added that Afghans had given sacrifices to defend the country and people on that time and are bravely fighting now to defend the people and country too.
According to the country’s chief executive, discussions have kicked off for implementation of national unity government’s political agreement in government’s leadership level, but the discussions would not mean to reduce support of the country’s national security forces.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah further said: leaders of the national unity government were appreciating all sacrifices of their security and defense forces and fully supporting them. “The country’s national interests and supporting and strengthening of national security and defense forces are always in working priorities in order to suppress and defeat enemies of people and this soil in all areas”, the country’s chief executive said.
In his speech, Dr. Abdullah expressed sorrow over the demise of the country’s top literal figure Dr. Mohammad Akram Osman, instructing ministry of information and culture to hold appreciating gatherings to praise the country’s top writers, cultural and literal figures.
Addressing ministers of the country’s security organs, the country’s chief executive asked the ministers to accelerate and make efforts against kidnapping and other organized criminal activities in big cities of the country so that the people to feel safety after implementation of practical steps in this regard. Pointing to providing assistance by World Bank to ministry of water and energy for development and renovation of the country’s irrigation system, the country’s chief executive said: the project would be implemented in all 34 provinces and would put principal changes in life of people.

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