Nawroz Recipes

Sunday March 16, 2014 Kabul (BNA) Afghani food recipes retain extraordinary reputation in the world because of their delicious taste and people is eager to east Afghani Chapli Kabab, Mahi Palaw, Sabzi Chalawo, Qabeli Palaw. Individuals’ people who are bounded in engagement prefer to purchase backed fish and Jailibi “sweet desert” made of sugar and cookies alongside honoring the family of bride with new dresses and special Nawroz pastries. A famous chef Gul Mohammad Taimorian told BNA reporter, “Simultaneously with the fall of winter season, our customers become interested in buying fishes, in some way it’s a kind of tradition among the people, on eve of Nawroz, people who are engaged buy fishes and offer it to the bride family, “today we have own fish farms in various province in northern and eastern parts of the country.” It’s said that foreign nationals like much to eat Afghani fish because of its good taste and currently several private hotels and restaurants provide hospitality to the consumers both domestic and foreigners. There is capacity to extend this business throughout the seasons. The Afghan people by maintain their particular ideas on fall of New Year undertake special preparations to celebrate the eve with special seal and enthusiasm. For this purpose, families struggle to offer a warm hospitality to the guests during Nawroz. Haft Seen and Sofreh Nawroz are two main principles of the festival. The Haft Seen tray is consisting of seven dried fruits their names starts with letter “Sin” English “S”. Exchanging gifts and visiting friends and relatives are other significant foundations that have changed Nawroz on a national and cultural day and in many cases, Nawroz has been a paradigm of love, affection and opening a new chapter of life simultaneously with the fall of spring season which is also known as reborn of the nature.

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