Necessary Changes, Reforms To Be Done After Assessment of Takhar Situation, CE

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting with a number of Takhar elders and influenced figures reviewed security, social and political problems of the province, stressing necessary changes and reforms would be done after assessment of the province’s problems.
Elders and dignitaries of the province while praising the chief executive office for widely efforts in this regard enumerated their demands and suggestions in all sections in particular for addressing recent security, social and political problems in the province in particular in Rustag and Farkhar districts, asking for urgent consideration of the government in this regard.
After hearing the elders’ demands and suggestions, the country’s chief executive asserted that a delegation has been tasked by the government to review problems in the province, adding that the delegation has completed its report which would be discussed in cabinet and council of ministers sessions.
The country’s chief executive promised that serious and practical decision would be adopted for bringing changes and reforms in the province in consideration to demands made by the province’s elders.
According another report, the country’s chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a separate meeting with representatives and youth of Bamyan discussed various problems of the province.

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