New Technology Behind Poor Book Reading Culture

Tuesday August 30, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Growing book reading culture can positively affect any changes and developments in a country, therefore, book reading culture should not be forgotten, because, book is the result of long-term human experiences and mental creativities.
Book is a linkage between the past and the future. It is a bridge between the previous and new generations. Likewise, it is a force for creating and sharing wisdom and knowledge.  Books are also the doorway to mutual respect and understanding between people, across all boundaries and differences.
Reading is an essential tool for lifelong learning. It is important for everyone to develop the rudiments of reading, so as to survive in life.
Reading adds quality to life and provides access to culture and cultural heritage as well as strengthens and liberates the citizens and bring them together.
Shir Ahmad Sayeedi, head of Publishers’ Union and manager of Saeed Book Publishing told that Book Publishers’ Union is operational in Kabul and other provinces of the country for ten years.
Totally, 50 publicists are operational in the capital Kabul and other provinces covering more than 300 book sellers which are not sufficient based on density of population, Saeedi further said. On how to get used to studying, Sayeedi said, ‘there are many families in which book reading  culture is not existed among them, therefore, parents should encourage their  children to read story and history books.’ Replying a query Sayeedi said, ‘we are a private sector and our job is to focus on book selling, and our bookstore cannot only fulfil the needs of those interesting in books, but is also a good place to university students, youth, school students and those who want to research about different issues.’ Mohammad Zarif, a bookseller said, ‘poverty, lack of security and immigrations are the factors negatively affected the country’s education system.
He believes that most of the youth are nowadays trying to learn English language and computer programs instead of other scientific subjects.’
Simultaneously, as the technology got advanced, public interests into book reading culture have noticeably declined. While in the past, people were enthusiastically spending nights together and were reading the stories and various other poetry books. But nowadays, access of people to various means of communication such as radio, television, internet and telecommunication motivate them to prefer modern technology.
Farhad, a bookseller said, ‘there are 160 small and big bookstalls in Joy-e-Shir area of Kabul, where previously thousands of students, university students, researchers and teachers were referring to buy their favorite books, but today the number of customers has considerably been declined. Ahmad Reshad, a university student said, ‘book is the best friend of a person, as the more we study the more our knowledge will get improved.’ This is while that book reading is the foundation stone of cultural growth, improving civilizations and the only way of transferring past sciences to future.
Karima Malikzada

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