No One Will Be Allowed to Come and Implement Plans on Afghan Nation: President Ghani

Kabul (BNA) Delivering a lecture at Kabul University about peace process, which was also virtually attended by dozens of universities the other day, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that will not allow anyone to come from outside and implement their own made plans on Afghan nation.

The president said that his main responsibly as the elected president is to hand over the national sovereignty to the next elected successor. “The future Afghan system should be democratic and we do make peace so that not to kill each other.”

The president went on saying that Afghan government is the only legitimate representative of the country before the international community. “The final decision on Peace process would be taken by the Afghan nation,” the president added, saying that he cannot make any decision out of the constitution.

“The ballot boxes give strength to us, not the bullets that falling on us,” the president told the audience, warning that Afghanistan would once again become a safe haven for international terrorist groups if peace and stability is not achieved.

“Without us (besides us) may Allah save us, if we moved toward destruction, international terrorism would build a nest here (in Afghanistan), and then no one would witness a happy day,” the president added.

“Any efforts for peace without active diplomacy by the European Union and the US would not attain a positive result,” the president added, saying he believes that an international consensus has been formed for Afghanistan’s national sovereignty, democracy, and national unity, “but the role of the US and regional active diplomacy is crucial.”

The President stated: “Without the role of active diplomacy of the US and EU, the region would not reach a result; therefore, regionally and globally work is needed.”

In another part of his speech, the president said that justice was the base for a state, considering Islamic philosophy. He also said that his main intention is to hold the next round of presidential elections on time.

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