Not Only Government But German Political Parties Support Afghanistan

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Providing reporters with details on the minister of foreign visit to Germany, spokesman, Janan Musazai said not only German government, but its political parties also strongly support Afghanistan.
According to him, the minister of foreign during his visit to Germany met with foreign ministries from Australia and Germany disusing Afghanistan’s achievements in different fields.
Welcoming the German government cooperation in holding the second Bonn conference, the foreign minister called its resolutions as strong and long-term message to Afghanistan during the decade of change.
The spokesman also said that the minister had also met with the US and Chinese foreign ministers as well.
Musazain likewise, lauded the Munich conference resolution as fruitful and detailed over the support of the conference Afghanistan support.
He also said in a query on Pakistan that the counter can take active and effective part in peace process in Afghanistan.

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