NSC To Deeply Investigate Saturday’s Deadly Incident, Warns Revenge

Monday, July 25, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Security Council (NSC) met Sunday to deeply investigate the bloody incident took place on Saturday, when thousands of Junbish-e-Roshnaye (Illumination Movement) took to the streets in Dehmazang area, his office said in a statement.
The president in two separate meetings of NSC and a number of elders including the Shia religious scholars, as a statement from his office said ordered for deeply launching investigation into the incident and vowing to take revenge of those killed and wounded in the bloody event, from those behind the incident.
The statement quoted the NSC as saying a joint team led by Attorney General Office (AGO) and membership from the governmental and non-governmental high profile personalities had been set to probe into the incident.
The ISIS, feared with new bases in Afghanistan, has announced that individuals loyal to the group had launched the attack, with the president deeply denouncing the attack said Daesh group was not ready to refrain from committing crimes and is forever resorting to the killing of the innocents, according to the statement.
It vowed to bring those involved in the crime to justice, said the statement.
The president also ordered for remaining the national flag half-mast at home and the country’s foreign diplomatic missions and declare Saturday, July 24, a National Mourning Day for expressing mourning to the killed members of the Junbish-e-Roshnaye, according to the statement.
The ministry of information and culture also asked the audio-visual media for screening special programs on the occasion, to pay tribute to those killed during the suicide incident.
President Ghani also ordered the security forces for sparing no effort to take security of the funeral and interment ceremony of the martyrs, particularly the area in western part of the capital, and use all means possible for treatment of those wounded in the incident, the statement added.
According to another report, the president ordered Quran Recitation ceremonies to be held all over the capitals’ mosques.
The president also took part in a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace to pray for the souls of those killed and wished immediate recovery for those wounded in the incident, according to another statement from Arg.
The ceremony was attended by CE, Abdullah, Second Vice President, Sarwar Danish, Eng. Mohammad Khan and Mohammad Mohaqqeq deputies to the CE, Qeyamuddin Kashaf, Afghanistan Throughout Ulama Council, a number of ministers, presidential advisors, house of people members and a number of national and political figures, the statement concluded.

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