OAACMS: We Are Ready For Transition

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The official of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministry Secretariat (OAACMS) has announced that necessary preparations were underway for transition of political power to the next government which will be formed on the basis of the elections which are held on 5th April, 2014.
The OAACMS has furthered stated that these preparations have been undertaken on the guideline of the Council of Ministers (CM) and on the basis of the order of president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Based on the presidential order, all deputy ministers have been assigned the task to establish a working committee so that the transition is conducted on its best way.
The OAACMS has said that all government ministries and organs have been asked to share their plans, roadmaps, documents, experience and issues on the basis of the facts figures to the next government.
Meanwhile, a number of political commentators have warmly welcomed the move undertaken by the president and say that peaceful transition of political power from one elected president to another will further develop political stability in Afghanistan.
“This is the first time in the history of Afghanistan that political power is transferred from one elected president to another and a president is nominated on the basis of votes in a democratic manner,” political analyst Engineer Mohammad Akram said.
“The Afghan people hope that the elections results are announced with honestly and transparency, because the nation by defying massive threats voted in the elections for stability of the country,”
In addition, some legislators have said that the next government must be formed on the basis of votes of the people and political transition should be conducted its best way.
“The political transition is some extent is complicated issue, the OAACMS has undertaken necessary preparations in this filed and it reveals that the president respects the will of the nation, “MP Hamidullah said.
In the meantime, the citizens have also appreciated the efforts made by the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Minister Secretariat (OAAMCS) and say that government is obliged to play role in announcing the final results of the elections with transparency and honesty.
“Holding of the election are hopeful to the Afghan people, because elections conveyed positive image from Afghanistan to the world community, the world will now realize that the Afghan people have no link with suicide and terrorism,” local resident Mursal said.
This comes at a time that president Karzai also took the charge of the country as president on the basis of the votes of the people and since then Afghanistan has received outstanding development in major spheres such as telecommunication, education, health, information technology, transportation, rule of law and economy.

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