OIC Youth & Sports Affairs Ministers In Jeddah Evaluated Growth of Sports, Youth Cause In Muslim World

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The 2nd Islamic Conference of Minister of youth and Sports held in Jeddah from 17 to 18 March 2014 under the supervision of Saudi king Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.
The conference besides evaluating the growth of sports sector in the Muslim world also focused on a number of important fields that could further enhance and develop this sector.
With consideration of the report submitted by ISSF president on the federation’s activities between the first and second sessions the conference urged on a number of important issues that included of the following items.
The conference adopted the report submitted by ISSF secretariat and all its previous activities including training courses to produce sports and technical leaders and sports champions aimed at meeting sporting youth in OIC member states.
The attendees also offered their appreciations to the government of Indonesia for hosting the 3rd Islamic solidarity games in Palemban city located near to Sumatra in September 2013.
The conference also emphasized on member of the Organization of Islamic Countries and other affiliate organs to make sure providing technical and material support to ISSF in achieving its goals. In the conference the ISSF president asked to submit a report on activities and programs of the federation to the next session of the conference alongside signing of the cooperation agreement between the ISSF and ISESCO.
Addressing the conference, Minister of Information and Culture touched on a number of important issues facing the Muslim world and requested the OIC member nations to focus on the growth and development of youths in their respective countries and help them in achieving their particular status in the society. Dr. Raheen also informed the conference about the recent progress achieved in Afghanistan over the recent years particular in cultural fields, sports and education sectors.
At the sideline of the conference, the minister of information and culture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with prince Nawaz Faisal Fahad Abdul Aziz and the permanent representative of Afghanistan to the OIC and best wishes to his the Saudi king Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. During the two day trip, Dr. Raheen also found the opportunity to perform Omrah. The conference also called on the members to support the efforts of the OIC Youth Council specially these relating to the preparation of the strategy document on advancing youth causes in the Muslim World in collaboration and cooperation with the organization of Islamic conference and ISESCO. The participants said that the organization of Islamic cooperation and its affiliated bodies must provide appropriate ministerial support for the Islamic solidarity sports federation to prepare prosperity for this edition and to work towards participation of all OIC member states.
The conference decided to take note of the broad lines of the draft strategy for promoting youth issues in the Islamic world and invites the member nations to provide the ISSF and ISESCO with their observations and proposals regarding the document in order to study and comment on them. The also conference also focused on commending the studies conducted by ISESCO on the initiative of the custodian of the two holy mosques interreligious and intercultural dialogue and its executive plan which proved a true expression of the Islamic World’s vision of dialogue among the follower of religions and cultures.
The conference called on Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports ministers and trough the youth council in Islamic countries and ISESCO to implement programs within the framework of the initiative of the custodian of the holy mosque.
The participants also urged on the member nations to undertake comprehensive measures for strengthening civil values and human rights. The ISSF and ISESCO were invited to coordinate and cooperate with relevant international organizations and body to implement more cultural, sports, social activities for the benefits of youth particularly in the areas of training and openness to the acceptance of others.
In the conclusion, the participants also urged on implementation of a project protecting youth in Islamic countries against sports fanaticism. The participants also underlined the needs to enact appropriate legislation and boost the role of specialized institutions in this regard.

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