Osmani Meets S. Arabia Ambassador

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Minister of foreign affairs, Zarar Ahmad Osmani met with the ambassador of Saudi Arabia Mussafer Abdurrahman al-Ghaseb in his office yesterday. According to BNA, during this meeting, both sides spoke about deepening of amicable ties between the two countries, cooperation of Saudi Arabia in Afghan rehabilitation, the peaceable efforts of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and removal of working hurdles for Afghan labors in Saudi Arabia.
At the outset, expressing his happiness over meeting with the ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Kabul, minister of foreign affairs congratulated appointment of prince Muqarren bin-i- Abbul Aziz Aal-i- Saud as crown prince of kingdom of that country and said that as a friendly and brotherly nation and center of Islamic World, Saudi Arabia has special place before government and people of Afghanistan and the latter believes high importance in friendly ties with that country.
With its special position among Islamic World, Saudi Arabia can play effective role in peaceable efforts of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Likewise, minister of foreign affairs expressed his hope the hurdles existed before Afghan labors in Saudi Arabia be removed.
Afterwards, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia accredited in Kabul expressing his satisfaction over opportunity availed him to meet minister of foreign affairs laid emphasize on importance of fraternal ties between Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.
He added that the Saudi Arabia also regards Afghanistan as its good friend and has continued commitments in connection with cooperation with this country in various fields.

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