Over 100 Kinds of Grapes Grown In Afghanistan, MAIL

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The authorities in Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) say there are over 100 kinds of grapes in Afghanistan that more of them are being exported to overseas in the name of neighboring nations.
In the third exhibition of grape yields which was held in Herat, minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Assadullah Zamir said: his ministry considers through giving awareness programs and publishing of book in the name of “Different varieties of grapes in Afghanistan” to prevent selling qualified grapes of Afghanistan that are exported in the name of neighboring countries. But, he added that unfortunately, due to lack of healthy supervision, the grapes of Afghanistan are exporting to foreign markets in the name of neighboring countries—a move that is a great oppression to the horticulturists of Afghanistan. Minister of agriculture and irrigation asserted:
Printing of a book under the title of “Different varieties of grapes in Afghanistan” would help further introduce the grapes of Afghanistan to world markets and compel the exporting nations to pay remuneration. Based on information of MAIL, Ghazni, Herat and some other provinces are producers of grapes in Afghanistan. Because of continued rainfalls, warming climate as well as giving awareness programs to horticulturists and farmers, it caused the orchards to bear further yields. Likewise, within recent few years, orchards especially the grape yields have increased in the north of Afghanistan. Different types of grapes such as bride finger, Hussaini, black raisin etc., are found in Afghanistan. Annually, due to lack of springhouses and packaging looms, the peasants lose much of their yields or sell them in lower price.
Horticulturist in Qarabagh district of Kabul province, Hamidullah says: comparing previous years this year, the yields of grapes are good in this district and horticulturists are satisfied with their yields. But lack of springhouses causes to spoil their fruits. According to him, thousands acres of orchards are existed in this district which include various types of grapes.
A horticulturist in Bagram district, Mahtabuddin says: In this district, I have one thousand vines and all of them have borne yields. I offer them to Kabul market. According to him, he has no springhouse to keep the grapes. They change grapes into raisin traditionally. He said: now, in Kabul market seven kg grape are sold against 200Afs. Based on the assertions of MAIL, with having 48 varieties of grapes, Herat is enumerated as the best producer of grape in the country. Over 7700 acres of lands are covered by vine. It is planned after harvesting of yields and maintaining compatriots’ requirements, our grapes are exported to Iran, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. But, horticulturists and the in-charges of ministry of agriculture and irrigation say that unfortunately, the grapes of Afghanistan are exporting to the world markets in the name of neighboring countries. It is a great oppression against the horticulturists and peasants of Afghanistan. Therefore, the government of Afghanistan should prepare the ground for process and packaging of products of horticulturists and peasants.  
Shukria Kohistani 

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