Over 1.7M Male, Female Children To Enroll In New Year, MoE

Sunday, March 09, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  The authorities of the MoE say that the new academic year of 1393 is supposed to be started on March 21, and this ministry plans to enroll over 1,7 million male and female children in new year.
Talking on the plans of the ministry for 1393, spokesman and chief of publication of the MoE Kabir Haqmal said” Every new academic year begins with new plans and ends with new achievements. 
The ministry of education will announce our new plans for 1393, on March 21.  If we generally talk, in New Year one hundred religious schools will be established and over 8000 classes will be opened.  Beside that the same number or further technical and vocational schools and institutes will also be setup:
Haqmal said, “The MoE plans to set up over 30000 literacy courses and employee over 11000 professional teachers.  We will also be trying to reopen the schools which are closed now.”
Touching the available challenges, Haqmal said”. At present main challenges are existing, the first one is security which has damaged the while life of Afghan people and it takes over talents and opportunities.  The second one is economic situation. 
Afghanistan is unfortunately not in conditions to make confidential projection.
Therefore the employment condition of government employees must be according to desire of offices.  But despite of these two challenges the MoE has certain achievements at country level.”
Talking on 80 different branches in vocational and technical institutes, Haqmal said. “These branches start from carpentry, metal works up to information technology and large number of students will be involved.
These facilities are spread across Afghanistan and about 74000 students are learning there.
He believes that this is a positive move towards professionalism of young Afghan generation because our youth should study according to requirements of modern time in their favorite fields.
Answering a question on lack of building for nearly over 50 percent of schools, Haqmal said.
These schools include those which have been leaking buildings for many-many years and no step has been taken in this direction.  Some of these schools were destroyed during the conflicts.  If we consider 1000 schools, it is very difficult to construct buildings for these schools.  He added.  “Before our education was not developed in this way we had many schools in each village and district.  At present we have under taken 11 construction projects.  Due to security reasons, at present over 400 schools are shutdown throughout Afghanistan.  These 400 schools included 1200 schools which were closed 10 years ago.   But the new leadership of the MoE was able to reopen 800 schools.
Touching reopening of 33 schools one month ago in Helmand province and reopening of several schools two weeks ago in Maiwand district, Kandahar provinces he said.  “These schools were reopened with the help of officials, elders and influential.
Talking on the involvement of opposition in closure of schools, Haqmal said we never want pros and cons in Afghanistan.  The Afghan people are a single national and have been living for many years together untidily and achieved common prides.
He said anyone who is against schools, student teachers, book he is against Allah, because Allah has ordered people to learn knowledge.  Education is the only way of development.  Those who oppose education oppose progress and development of Afghanistan and are traitors and they are unforgiveable.  Education releases us from slavery and need.
Those who want a free and progressive Afghanistan, they should not prevent education but should support it.

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