Pakistani Prime Minister’s Assertions On Peace Process In Afghanistan

Monday, March 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan says that it is committed in cooperation with the government of Afghanistan in the peace process and this will take place in appropriate time. 
Yusuf Raza Gailani Prime Minister of Pakistan after last month’s visit of President Karzai to Pakistan had asked the Taliban to join the Afghan peace process. 
Abdul Baset spokesperson of Pakistan Foreign Ministry told the media that Pakistan will not refrain from any cooperation in the Afghan peace process. 
He stressed further that in his view the demand made from the Taliban by the Pakistan Prime Minister last month, has been under consideration of all Afghan groups and they will specify their policy and this will bear good results indeed. 
Asked whether Pakistan will ensure access of Kabul to some of the Taliban leaders imprisoned in Pakistan, he replied that those issues that are close to realities and is at our disposal will be realized, as we do not reject such requests, and we want to play our role in all the process of the peace in Afghanistan and no impediment will come in this respect. 
He noted that Pakistan does not want that Afghanistan is engulfed in a domestic war similar to 1990. 
These are stated at a time that Afghanistan consider the role of Islamabad in the peace process as very important and awaits practical steps of Pakistan authorities on this direction.

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