Pakistani Rocket Attack Wounded Two Civilians

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Due to Pakistani rocket attacks a woman with her child injured in the east of the country the night before last.
Recently, dozens of rockets landed in Kunar and Pakitka and Nuristan provinces fired from the other side of Durand Line.
A border police commander in the east of the country said BNA, last night a rocket landed on a residential house in Kamdish district, Nuristan province, in which a woman with her child wounded.
The areas close to Durand Line in Paktika and Kunar provinces frequently came under rocket attacks.
The border police commander in the east of the country confirming the incident said, several residential houses destroyed and caused livestock losses.
It should be mentioned that the rocket attacks by Pakistani military started three years ago and continues til now in east of the country.
According to figures, so far 11 thousand rockets have been shelled by Pakistani forces on eastern parts of the country which caused heavy casualties and particularly destructions among civilians.

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