Paktia Elders Drum Up Support for Government Programs

Kabul (BNA) The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, met with a number of Paktia dignitaries yesterday morning and listened to their demands and suggestions, a presidential press office statement said.

In the meeting, which took place in Chahar Chenar Palace, first Abdull Rahman Zadran, Haji Agha Gul Ahmadzai, Mohammad Mosadiq and Nisar Ahmad Sahebzada, on behalf of others, thanked the President for his efforts and achievements in the fields of marketing for nuts, peace and other sectors.

They also strongly voiced for supporting the peace process, adding that they were ready for any cooperation in this regard, the statement added. The elders shared their proposals with the president on preventing negative propaganda about peace, supporting councils and elders, awarding scholarships to the youth of Loy Paktia, and recruiting the provincial cadres in government positions. Welcoming the elders, the President said that peace is a divine right of every Afghan and human being and is the goal of all of us.

“Peace in which there is brotherhood, security, unity and progress,” he added.

The President added: “Like you, elders from different parts of Afghanistan should be present so that we can benefit from their consultations”.

He also added that people and elders should ask the Taliban a series of key questions about peace and the future.

President Ghani said that in order to improve the welfare of compatriots and resettle the returnees, controlling the water is one of the important programs and priorities of the government, which has also been taken into account in the budget.

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