Parwan Social Stability Council Formed

Wednesday February 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) A new body titled “Parwan Social Stability Council” with the participation of notables, elders, Jihadi figures and intellectuals of Parwan province was formed Tuesday.
According to BNA reporter, more than 4,000 people in the meeting wherein the participants besides calling for more development of Parwan province emphasized for ensuring security, stabilizing peace, strengthening unity and participation in the coming elections. Briefing the participants on the objective of the newly formed council, Dr. Hasamddin Hamrah said that the aim of the council is to bolster further unity create more harmony between the people and the government. He also hoped that the newly formed Parwan Social Stability Council would prove an example for the residents of others provinces in creating peaceful environment unity and development of the country. He also said that the council would soon announce its support to one of the presidential candidates for the larger interests of the nation.  

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