Peace Restoration Helps Sign BSA, President Karzai To Obama

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart, Barack Obama discussed preparations for the upcoming elections, peace process, Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghanistan and US and other regional issues, the presidential press office said.
President Obama extended his condolence to President Karzai over the death of 21 army troops in eastern province of Kunar, the presidential office said in a statement.
He also expressed pleasure over the ongoing presidential election process and said his country supports the Afghan elections process but, would never support any specific presidential runners. President Karzai called the elections vital for the Afghans and said the process would timely be held and the Afghans would take part in the national process, as well as full preparations had been made in this field.
President Karzai also provided information about the Turkish trilateral summit held between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, the developments made on the peace process and urged for practically implementation of peace process in the country.
President Obama, during the conversation asked for signing the security pact between the two countries prior to the election process, the presidential press office quoted.
President Karzai said the traditional loya Jirga had approved the security deal to be signed with the US, “We support the pact, but first peace process, which is the main Afghans’ willing, should practically be implemented in the country.”
He asked his US counterpart for practically stepping up towards peace restoration in the country, in order to pave the way for signing the bilateral security agreement (BSA). Both leaders emphasized for continuation of bilateral cooperation, with the US President, Barack Obama assuring to support a stable and united Afghanistan as well as assuring that his country would continue cooperating with Afghanistan.

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