Peace Without Dignity Not Acceptable: VP Saleh

Kabul (BNA) Speaking at Kabul Model United Nations event held at Government Media and Information Center on Thursday, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said Afghanistan wants “a peace that is acceptable to all sides and all people”. He said the Taliban has problems with Afghanistan’s flag, its sovereignty, constitution, resources and “everything else.” “Death, to be hanged, is far more honorable than an agreement where I take the right to vote away from my people and give it to a certain circle, in the name of a peace deal.

No never!” VP Saleh said. “Peace without dignity is not acceptable and has not been accepted by any nation,” he said adding that “peace does not mean that one side is receiving a slap,” “We want peace for all of Afghanistan, not only for one ethnic group,” VP Saleh said. “We will not ignore the sovereignty of the people in the peace process,” he added. He also said Afghanistan cannot achieve peace “with fragmented identities. Peace must be national.” According to him, 40 years of war has badly damaged Afghanistan’s confidence.

“If we give up our values, there will be peace tomorrow. But leadership should be determined by the nation, not the Quetta Shura or other councils. Leadership must be determined by the individuals of the nation,” VP Saleh stated He also pointed out a sovereign Afghanistan belongs to the people of the country, that no one “has the right to trample on this” and that this is stated clearly in the Constitution. He added that this “is our line in negotiations with the Taliban.” Earlier in the day, VP Saleh posted on Twitter that during his recent visit to Pakistan, the Taliban’s deputy leader Mullah Baradar “did three things in Karachi”.

“He visited the wounded Talib terrorists at a government hospital who are there without any visa[s], went to a training facility to inspire the terror cadets & thanked the government of Pakistan for generous support to the Talibs to this point.”

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