People Participation in Security Programs Helps Change the Situations: VP Saleh

Kabul (BNA) First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh denounced the on- going war it have been against all the spiritual and material havings of nation. “The ongoing war by the enemy of the people of Afghanistan is against all spiritual and material properties of the nation and the people participation in the security programs would essentially help change the situation.”

The first vice-president commended the devotion of the country’s security and defense forces and said that they were at the frontline of war.

He said the 6:30 meetings would continue with best focus, more facilities and wide authority. “We would not release the details of the resolutions and decisions of the meetings, like the past two months, but focus would be made on domestic evaluation and presentable and range results to the people.” In the meeting, the First Vice- President said that the 62nd meet- ing would be held tomorrow and the people can share their viewpoints.

He said all visions of the people would be taken in mind. Saleh said that unconfidential issues would be shared with the people, giving hope for some promising issues for the people and bad news for enemy.

This is while, Kabul witnessed four blasts, resulting in the killing of two people and injury of nine others.

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