Personal Enmity Likely Behind Most Magnet Mine Plantation Cases, Official

Tuesday August 23, 2016

Kabul (BNA) People, mostly Kabul citizens are expressing concern over what they said a growing vehicle magnet mine pasting cases, some found to have family dispute reasons, an official said the other day.
Fraidoon Obaidi, Kabul anti-criminal chief told, his office was making effort to prevent magnet mine plantation at the vehicles of the government security forces, while some of them had been investigated to have family disputes reasons. He said the magnet mines were mostly placed at the vehicles out of the capital a plot could be called part of the enemy’s tactics, with recently some cases found with reasons from personal enmity. “We could launch our programs of defusing similar mines in some Kabul districts and are making effort to enforce our operative and intelligence plans in different fields,” said Obaidi adding most of the cases had been claimed by the Taliban and they are doing their best to foil their plots.
He said in most cases, magnet mines, placed at the vehicles claimed lives of many and injured dozens others recently, a plot he said the enemy and the organized criminal groups were behind.
“We are making effort to identity, who were behind the cases,” said the official adding they were striving to launch their active plan for controlling such cases, as well as help restore sure security, based on our plan in the Kabul city. He said Kabul based security forces, central supportive sections of the ministry of interior, national security directorate, ministry of national defense as well as direct support of the national Security Council and most importantly the leadership of the national unity government was backing the firm anti criminal and destructive activities plan. Meantime, some house members blame the security forces for not fast and timely stepping up in prevention of the criminal cases, a failure paved the way for more criminal cases happen in the capital, concerning the citizens about increase in kidnapping, armed theft, murdering and other heinous cases.
They said those committing such crime should legally be trailed.
Mirdad Nejrabi, a member of the internal security commission called coordination one of the most effective factors could eliminate all types of criminal activities in the country and would prevent the terrorist and other destructive bands from launching their plots. Placing magnet mines at the vehicles has turned violent and horrific for the households, as Mursal one of a high school teachers believed the subversive activities, if not prevented would face the citizens with serious threats, especially, when the children were on the way to schools. Many people have been killed or wounded, including government high ranking officials and ordinary people in magnet mines placed vehicles, with the security official saying some have personal enmity reasons.
Suraya Raiszada

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