Pistachio Yields Increased in Herat

Lashkargah (BNA) Pistachio yields in Herat have increased compared to last year.

According to the statistics provided, 11,000 tons of pistachios have been harvested from the forests of Herat this year, while this figure was less than 10,000 tons last year.

There are 14,000 hectares of pistachio forests in Herat. Most of these forests are located in Kashk-e-Kohneh, Kashk-e-Robat-e-Sangi and Golran districts.

Idris Zalal, director of horticulture extension at the Herat Department of Agriculture, told BNA that in addition to forests, pistachio orchards and gardeners’ advertisements for new horticultural methods are the main reasons for the increase in pistachio yields in the western province.

The director of horticulture extension at the Herat Department of Agriculture says that dozens of new pistachio orchards will be built in parts of Herat next year.

Herat pistachio with excellent quality and price has many buyers in domestic and world markets.

Afghanistan earns hundreds of millions dollars annually through the production and sale of pistachios.

In Afghanistan, a kilo of pistachios sells up to 1,200 Afghanis, but the price of this dried fruit in world markets is up to 50 dollars.

Following the spread of the Corona virus, Afghanistan’s exports to world markets by land and air have decreased.

Pistachio gardeners hope that the process of exporting their products to world markets will flourish again.

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