Police Forces to be Doubled in Kabul: VP Saleh

Kabul (BNA) Considering security incidents in capital Kabul, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Monday said that the Presidential Palace will double the number of police in the city.

VP Saleh said that a study showed that Kabul has a low number of police for a city with such a large population. He also mentioned that Kabul Mountain’s security outposts will be handed over from the police to the army.

This comes as a security forces vehicle was hit by a magnetic IED blast in Kabul city on Monday morning, Kabul police confirmed in a statement, adding that the blast caused no casualties.

The incident occurred around 7:50 am local time in the Kolola Poshta area in PD4 of Kabul city as a magnetic IED placed on a security forces vehicle exploded, the statement said.

“The blast has no casualties,” said Ferdous Faramarz, a spokesman for the Kabul police, but some eyewitnesses claimed there were casualties.  Faramarz said investigations are ongoing.

Meanwhile, Kabul has witnessed 15 security incidents in the past 10 days, including suicide attacks, car bomb attacks, magnetic IED blasts and targeted killings. Four blasts occurred in Kabul on Saturday.

Most of the magnetic IED blasts targeted security vehicles and were near police headquarters buildings in various areas of the city.

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