Polio Vaccination Campaign Begins In 14 Provinces, UNICEF, MoPH

Tuesday February 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) After registration of few cases of Polio in Kabul city, the administration of UNICEF with cooperation of Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan (MoPH) held the program of vaccination of Polio in the country.
According to the authorities of UNICEF, this campaign has begun in Kabul city in February 23 and is continuing for three days. The spokesman of UNICEF, Aziz Ferotan said in connection that non awareness of people about polio and its prevention is one of the factors behind the outbreak of this disease in the country.
He added that till one case of this disease is available in Afghanistan any child would not be immune from it. So, we should vaccine all children even they vaccinated previously as well.
The spokesman of UNICEF continued that despite the positive cases of polio is reducing in the country, but some worries are felt that the polio virus is available in the country. Ferotan said that Afghanistan is located in a place the virus of polio is penetrating from one to another place; this causes the efforts for eradication of this disease to be faced with problems.
He emphatically added that the only way for complete eradication of polio in Afghanistan is vaccination of children under five in the course of country-wide polio vaccination campaign. At the same time, the authorities of MoPH said that now, simultaneously polio vaccination has begun in 14 provinces of the country including Kabul that the polio cases are registered there.
The spokesman of PH Ministry Dr. Baktash Turkistani said that in this campaign, more border provinces are covered. He emphasized that these 14 provinces are include of eastern zone, four provinces of south east zone, four provinces of southwest and provinces of Kabul and Badakhshan. Turkistani added that in this campaign three million children under five are vaccinated.
At the same time, a number of health affairs witnesses ask government oppositions not to prevent the campaign conducted in their related areas, because, cooperation of mobile teams of vaccination is the duty of every individual. Former deputy of PH Minister and presidential advisor in health affairs Dr. Faizullah Kakar said in the connection that the program of polio vaccination is a national program and it is the duty of every countryman to help PH ministry in the connection and the drop of polio is very important for children, because, as a result of this disease a great number of our children are dying mainly in Badakhshan, Badghis, Ghor and Dykundi provinces.
This is a suitable step taken by the MoPH and our children rescue from this disease. Kakar added that the polio virus is eradicated in the world and only in three countries including Afghanistan this virus is registered.
The government of Afghanistan endeavors to reduce and eradicate this disease. I want parents and all people to vaccinate their children in health centers and safe their life from this fatal disease. Likewise, a number of our compatriots, ulema and spiritual figures should inform people through their sermons in mosques are very important in better implementation of polio vaccination.
He believes that the parents of children should be serious in connection with vaccination of their children and help teams of vaccination. Beside this, the media should give awareness to the people about contagious polio disease. If vaccination not to be implemented, the children would suffer from this disease and finally would paralyze. A number of our compatriots are optimist about polio vaccination by MoPH and are expecting from mobile teams to go to all regions and drop polio vaccine at the mouths of all children under five. This is a time that despite tireless efforts of the government and institutions concerned for eradication of this disease a number of children in insecure areas are facing with much problems. 

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