Political Agreement To Ease Fundamental Reforms, CE

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chef Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with British ambassador to Kabul.
In the meeting held at Sapidar palace, recent political changes, security challenges and strengthening of bilateral relation were discussed.
The country’s chief executive by praising Britain for its efforts and cooperation with Afghanistan said despite considerable developments have been taken place in all fields, but Afghanistan still needed overall cooperation of the international community to reach lasting peace and development.
Dr. Abdullah further said that chief executive office wanted the political agreement to be fully implemented, adding that the agreement would pave fundamental reforms in the country.
In the meeting, both sides also discussed related to strengthening of cooperation, counterterrorism and implementation of the political agreement for fundamental reforms in the country.
According to another report, the country’s chief executive met with NATO civilian representative to Afghanistan Ismail Aramez and discussed equipment of Afghanistan national security forces.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in his separate farewell meeting with Danish ambassador and special envoy to Afghanistan praised Denmark for its cooperation with Afghanistan during the past 15 years. According to another report, the country’s chief executive also met yesterday with Turkish ambassador to Kabul.
In the meeting, the Turkish ambassador to Kabul praised Afghanistan for its stance and support related to recent failed coup in Turkey.

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