Political Role of Women In Election Since King Amanullah Era

Monday April 7, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Since long, women sustained sufferings and has faint-colored role in socio-political and cultural activities of the country.
They are the deprived segment of the society in different periods of history. But, during the role of king Amanullah, the right of women was discussed for the first time and their role was felt. In 1928, king Amanullah held Loya Jirga in Taq-i-Zafar-I-Paghman (Arch of Victory of Paghman). He brought his wife queen Suraya to this Loya Jirga sans any veil. One of the works of king Amanullah was removal of slavery against women rights, equality of rights of women with men and removal of veil.
This progressive king of Afghanistan didn’t succeed to continue his programs, but in the history of Afghanistan he is recognized in the history of Afghanistan as a king who defended from the rights of women and made efforts to make colorful the role of women in the society. during the reign of king Amanullah, the role of women in the society was set forth for the first time, but the then traditional society of Afghanistan not only prevented from the activities of women, but it had with itself the indignation of more conservatives of the time as well. Despite all of these, this bright period of history, was evaluated as the starting point of Afghan women activities in the society of Afghanistan. During the role of this progressive king, the freedoms set forth by this king were faced to stagnancy.
During several periods, freedoms are suppressed. During the first round of premiership of late Sardar Mohammad Daud, he removed the veil and then women did to get presence in the society. But, during the decade of democracy, the women gained the right of political activities and for the first time, they obtained the right of voting in the elections. A lecturer of Kabul University, Ms, Humaira Qaderi said that during the role of king Zahir, himself did to implement some reformations and the women found their way to parliament, the civil society’s movements have begun. The women returned to the society again. These activities got further improvement during the premiership of Daud Khan and in the decade of democracy, these activities reached to their summit.
Former minister of commerce and industries, Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang said that during the decade of democracy, the women found their way to parliament. But now the women of Afghanistan have further presence in the cities but in majority of villages, they are not active. Women make half part of the Afghan society their vote in election process is destiny-making. If all women to casts their votes in one box of candidate, no doubt, this nominee to be succeeded. President Karzai had indebted his success in former elections to the votes of women. President Karzai added that any president who wanted to be succeeded, they certainly know that though votes of women, they can achieve this goal.
He suggested that in 2009 election, if the women not to cast their votes in my benefit, the foreigners might fail me. It was the votes of women that succeeded me. They went to Kabul and other larger cities to the voter registration centers. The men harassed and dealt, but women all cast their votes in my benefit. A number of young girls laid emphasize on making colorful the role of women and say that women also can share in determination of the destiny of country like men. Now, about 25 percent of MPs are women. Likewise, contributing of women as vice president and their nominee in provincial councils are the indicator of improvement of role of women in political and cultural activities in the country. The upcoming president doesn’t ignore the role of women in discussion of law and finally in the sector of development. The women as a potentially partners are contributing in the affairs of Afghanistan.

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