Polling Centers Should Be Secured

Monday March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The number of polling stations facing harsh security threat increase as the Independent Election Commission (IEC)’s spokesman said that the process with less than a week timeline is heavily feared to face fraud and disturbance.
Noor Mohammad Noor expressed concern over a more possibly fraud overwhelming the April 5 process as the polling stations facing heavy security threats in different parts of the country has increased more than was claimed earlier. Speaking in a news conference, he said the commission had earlier discussed the issue with the security organs that it could not secure at least 96 polling centers, while the number is increasing further than ever. He said in joint cooperation with the security forces, the commission is trying to secure the election process, but warned some polling centers would remain close due to critical security seasons.
Kabul Police chief, Gen. Zahir Zahir assured of a secure process for the upcoming presidential and provincial elections in the country. He asked the people to confidently go to the polling centers and use their rights for voting their favorite candidates. He said securing election process was their responsibility and would do more for its security to help the people to the polling centers under a secure atmosphere. Some political experts, besides expressing concern over the security threat in the country asked the entire people to attend the process via going to the polling centers and using their votes in favor of their favorite nominees. But they conditioned the process’s success to the full security of the polling centers.
Jawid Kohistani warned the process for presidential and provincial council elections in many parts of the country would remain empty of voters, as the people would not dare to attend due to the increasing security threat in many areas of the country. The people also asked the security forces for taking security of the process as they said they can never go to the polling centers unless their security was taken during the upcoming elections.

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