Powerful Order Can Purely Be Restored By Unison: Marshal Fahim

Monday, March 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) First vice-president Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim met with a group of representatives of people of Afghanistan at the House of People having established the parliamentary group of “Saba”. 
At this meeting considered the group an indicator of democracy in the country and said that he believes that joint work of this group, shall give shape to a strong parliamentary group at the parliament and can have a role in resolving current issues. 
He added that Afghanistan is at multi-national country and historic experience shows that only through unity we can build up a strong order in the country. 
He recalled the Jehad era as an example for shaping massive unity of the people of Afghanistan and stressed that as a result of unity and solidarity of our people and Jehad came out victorious and the present order is the product of sacrifices of the people’s unity. 
He noted that the present parliament has come into being as a result of maturity of the order in Afghanistan and it indicates the solidarity of our people in important decision-making and law making. 
He expressed the hope that the representatives of the people of Afghanistan in the nation home can better serve their people, and work towards ensuring of stability and preparing the ground for peace and calmness in the country and act in co-existence with each other and build up confidence in them. 
Two members of the parliamentary group said that the objective for formation of this group is restoration of coordination strengthening of cooperation among the deputies, friendship  and solidarity among the deputies and the people of Afghanistan and preparing the ground for good governance and to overcome the current problems. 
Marshal Fahim appreciated the activities of the deputies expressed readiness for cooperation with them. 
According to another report, Marshal Fahim in his meeting with some elders and influential of Takhar province asked them to work for elimination of violence. 
He noted that the role of ulema is great in course of history and it is the responsibility of religious scholars to struggle against immorality and war in the society. 
The Takhar ulema also shared their proposals and asked for land for the Darul Ulum of Takhar province. 
Marshal Fahim instructed the relevant sources for addressing their problems.

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