President Ghani Chairs HEC Meeting

Monday, August 01, 2016

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired the meeting of the High Economic Council (HEC), discussing some key issues on the agenda, his office said in a statement Sunday.
The meeting discussed issues pertaining to the activities of the ministry of commerce and industry about the creation of great agriculture farms and the draft law on the structure and responsibilities of the ministry, according to the statement.
The president after hearing reports from different branches of the ministry and other ministries including ministers of finance, agriculture, justice, private sector, as well representatives from the house of people, said during his visit to the Gulf countries, the leaders agreed for the country’s agriculture exports, with the technical team was now working to finalize it.
The Afghanistan based foreign troops have also agreed to talk about the purchase of the Afghan products, said the statement quoting the president as saying no land would be laid at the disposal of the private investors as much as could restrict the activity areas of the country’s farmers and result in creation of unsound competition, “But we are working on investment to help expand the country’s economic dynamism and improvement of the farmers.”
The meeting resolved that an inter-ministerial delegation should be assigned to investigate the type of the companies’ demands from the government and the type of the activities of the Bustan-e-Sabz and its type of partnership with its shareholders should be lodged in a report and presented to the next meeting of the high economic council.
Collection of the fruits from the central regions had been among the issues, the president said should be discussed in the next meeting of the government cabinet to be talked on by the related organs.
The meeting also tasked the entire members of the council to investigate the drafts in writing and sent to the next meeting of the council.

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