President Ghani Chairs Security Meeting

Saturday, May 9, 2020 Kabul (BNA) Following a series of security meetings with provincial security officials, a security meeting was held the other day and chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the Commander-in-Chief of the Afghan Armed Forces, to review the general security situation in Paktia province, a statement said. In this meeting, which was also attended by Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, National Security Advisor, the commander of the 203rd Thunder Corps, the police chief and the head of the National Security Directorate, first reported to the president on the general security situation, implementation of plans and operations, the presidential press office said. While appreciating the efforts of the security forces of Paktia province, the President thanked them for their joint work and stressed the need for greater coordination and group work. He also instructed the security officials of the province to pay attention to the fight against the corona virus in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health, the statement added. President Ghani instructed security officials in Paktia province to work closely with the people and make this a priority. He also instructed the authorities to pay close attention to the safety of the people during the performance of their duties and operations in order to prevent civilian casualties. While emphasizing on ensuring the security of the country’s highways and customs, the President instructed regarding the government’s revenues and the necessary guidance. Yarzada

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