President Ghani Declares Day of Mourning Following Kabul Deadly Attack

Sunday, July 24, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has declared Sunday a day of national mourning, after at least 80 people were reportedly killed and another 231 wounded in a suicide bomb attack on a peaceful demonstration in the capital, Kabul here yesterday.
In a live television broadcast on Saturday evening, President Ghani addressed the nation and in its strongest term condemned the attack that also claimed the life of at least one journalist.
“I will get revenge from those who shed the blood of our citizens. Our enemies by attacking civil liberties, think that they can divide us. But they will fail,” the president said, calling the day as tragic and ordered Sunday be a day of national mourning.
The president asked Ulema and Masjids to keep praying for the souls of the martyred and asked the security personnel to extend necessary facilities for those injured.
“The cowardly attack was indeed attack on freedom. The enemies of the country want to bring disunity among Afghans, but they do not know that the nation acts unitedly in such circumstances,” the president said, adding that as the father, “I support the civil demonstration for enrichment of the democracy, but meanwhile influence of the enemies among the protestors are concerning and this was the reason behind our continued meetings with security personnel and the leaders of the demonstrators.”
The president also confirmed that one of the three suicide bombers, that had joined demonstrators at the mass rally Saturday, had been gunned down by security forces before he could detonate his explosives.
“I have directed a special commission and the attorney general to investigate the incident and find those behind the incident,” the president said.
The Ministry of Interior on Saturday night confirmed the death toll had risen to 80 and that over 230 people were wounded.
The incident happened after thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Dehmazang Circle in the capital to protest against government’s planned routing of the 500kV power line project.

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