President Ghani Discusses MoPH Plans for COVID-19

Kabul (BNA)  President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to discuss plans on tackling the second wave of COVID-19 and reforms here late on Monday evening at the Presidential Palace.

According to presidential palace press office, officials of the ministry briefed on various issues pertaining to efforts on tackling the second wave of coronavirus, oxygen producing plant, public awareness on COVID-19, structural overhaul, NTA salary scale and ordinary and development budget of the ministry.

President Ghani, as quoted in the statement, instructed on keeping the public informed about the status of the second wave of Corona, the new variant of the pandemic and oxygen producing plants. He called for a comprehensive assessment on requirements in terms of medical equipment for the next two years.

The President added that National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority and Afghanistan National Public Health Institute should turn to independent agencies.

President Ghani also discussed a range of issues related to definition of authorities and responsibilities, structural overhaul in the ministry to ensure better health service delivery, transparent criteria and recruitment mechanisms particularly for recruitment of advisors, and proper utilization of existing resources and facilities.

The importing companies for medications should be credible, define the standard with fair prices for medications, as well bear the responsibility for quality. They should cooperate to invest for production of medication inside Afghanistan, added the President.

President Ghani also mentioned that focus should be turned to digitalization in health sector. Meanwhile, stated that the MoPH projects should be audited and reports shall be shared.

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