President Ghani: Every Project Should Have Clarity on How It Brings a Change

Kabul (BNA) President Ashraf Ghani met with the technical team of the Performance Management Unit of the Ministry of Public Health at the Presidential Palace, late on Saturday.

Public Health Minister presented his plans on the transfer of the construction projects and hospitals reform and management to the National Operational Development and support Agency. “55 Development projects are being set up in five programs and the biometric process of staff is being completed”, He added.

Deputy Finance Minister Habib Zadran said that the purpose of some development projects are ambiguous, while their salaries and administrative costs are high. We will share our analysis in this regard with the President.

President Ghani stressed that those projects are not acceptable which do not have clear purpose and method of spending.

President Ghani said, “Every project should have clarity on how it brings a change. He underscored “Ministry of Public Health should mainly focus on the patients and health services, people pay more for health, however get less results. “Management and hygiene of hospitals requires more attention.”
President Ghani stressed that Afghanistan’s National Public Health Program is one of my key commitment at the Geneva Conference 2020 and will be implemented. “Unessential reforms and waste of resources are unacceptable, because people want basic services and tangible results”, He added.


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