President Ghani Hints At Youth’s Crucial Role In Development

Tuesday, August 09, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the participants of the Simulation Conference of the United Nations which aimed to further familiarize the youth with government’s affairs here the other day, a presidential statement said.
In the meeting which was held and was participated by the first lady, Mohammad Munir Koshani, Bismullah Taban, Hamida Nazari, Mehri Delir and Khushal Asifi spoke on behalf of others, and termed the conference as positive for capacity building of the youth in the country. The participants said that during the conference, they learnt tolerance and made hot talks on volunteer participating of the youth in social affairs. They also received training on leadership, delivering speeches and communications. The youth had participated in the conference from across the country and thanked the President for his valuable speech at the opening ceremony. They also said that president’s speech brought them hopes for providing opportunities to youth, so that to take the leadership responsibilities in the future.
One of the participants Khushal Asefi readout the conference resolution, adding that the resolution demands firm fight against corruption, huge expenditure of money in wedding ceremonies, increasing of the Afghan National Security Forces salaries, employment opportunities for youth, increasing of the training programs for the media, boosting the Ulema’s role in public awareness and prevention of the extremism and terrorism across the country, fight against racism, conducting seminars on scientific figures and raising the recruitment capabilities of the government and private universities.
After hearing the proposal of the participants, the president welcomed them to their home, saying that based on your vote, the president had been selected. “You have rejected the disunity, violence against women, disabled and youth,” the president said, assuring them of his durable support. The president asked the participants to take firm steps in fight against dictatorship and corruption, pledging amount of 660 thousands of Afghani for the Youth Supporting Fund. The president told the participants to organize a meeting on youth’s active role in the one future decade, inviting them to have the conference in Salam Khana palace of the Arg.
The president said that Afghanistan is the heart and crossroad of Asia, asking the youth to feel the geography of the country, adding that Afghanistan is the roof of the world, and the youth must be in that roof.
The president thanked youth’s role, adding that their experiences reveal that nothing can prevent them, and they have led the movement foundation across the country. The participants of the Simulation Conference of the United Nations granted appreciation awards to President Ghani and the First Lady.

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