President Ghani Leaves Kabul for Kandahar

Kandahar (BNA) President Ghani headed a delegation left Kabul for Kandahar this morning.

The main purpose of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s visit to Kandahar is to study the security situation, the process of development, reconstruction and governance.

Osman Barakat, BNA correspondent in Kandahar reported that during his trip to Kandahar, the president has scheduled to meet with tribal elders, civil society activists, businesswomen and women’s rights activists, Islamic scholars, and civilian and military officials.

Dawad Khan Minapal, deputy spokesman of president said that during his visit, the president would closely monitor the process of reconstruction, development and governance, as well as the security situation in Kandahar.

Simultaneously with the president’s visit to Kandahar, strict security measures have been taken in parts of the city.

Kandahar police say they have closed only roads around the governor office to traffic and other roads are open to citizens.

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