President Ghani Meets Pakistan-Based Afghans’ Elders, Representatives

Saturday, September 03, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met a number of Pakistan-based Afghan refugees’ elders and representatives here at the Presidential Palace, his office said in a statement the other day.
At the outset, Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, Afghan ambassador and the president’s special representative to Pakistan said, ‘the Afghan refugees are not burden, but are people investment, as they are committed to return and zealously live in their homeland’, the statement further said.
He added that daily, over 3,000 thousands Afghan refugees return home—a move that can be effective in economic growth and ensuring security and stability in the country, the statement added.
He also thanked the UNHCR that has always played significant role in supporting the refugees, the statement pointed out.  Afterwards, Eng. Elham Omar Hotaki said, ‘the Afghanistan Embassy in Pakistan should establish a coordination center to returnees so the services are properly arranged to them. He added that based on president’s order, the families return, will be provided with drinking water, residential land, education ground, health services and other facilities, the statement continued.
Afghan refugees transport representative, Mohammad Noor Ahmadzai said, ‘there are thousands of Afghans whom vehicles registered by Pakistani people names, so the documents should be changed and registered by Afghans own names.’
In some cases, the Pakistani traffic officials are trying to disturb the Afghan drivers somehow which is concerning, Ahmadzai further said.
Noor Habib Habib, representative of managers in refugees’ schools in Pakistan said, ‘there should be special townships considered to teachers and also the ground should be paved for immigrant students’ scholarships.’
After hearing the information and suggestions presented by elders and refugees’ representatives, President Ghani thanked them of sharing the information.
The president said that living in refuge was difficult and a specific administration will shoulder your returning process, adding $12mln has been allocated to create facilities to refugees in the field of water and land. I want any returnee family to enjoy a legal property, the president said, adding all Afghanistan is your home and no one can force you to leave for another province.
I am ready to allot the money of national budget which has not been spent, to providing better life for Afghan refugees, the president pointed out.
President Ghani also instructed Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan to task a committee to better arrange the Afghans’ returning process.  After exchanging views on different issues of refugees with the participants, the president said, justice is the base of holy religion of Islam, adding we need your help to ensure a fair system in the country.
According to another report, the country’s Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also met with the Pakistan based Afghan refugees’ representatives in Kabul, where both sides discussed problems faced by them inside the neighboring country, said a statement from the CE press office.
The CE vowed to tackle their problems through his visit to the neighboring country and close negotiation with the Pakistani authorities, said the statement. Dr. Abdullah also vowed to take the issue to the United Nations, after the refugees representatives said they have harshly harmed by the fresh political disputes between the two countries.
The CE instructed the ministry of higher education for doing with the refugees’ students and easily stepping up for their documents’ registration after their returning home.

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