President Ghani Receives MoPH Structural Reform Plans

Kabul (BNA) President Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Public Health at the Presidential Palace to discuss reforms in the health sector, the other day.

According to BNA report, the MoPH officials briefed on the reforms in various areas particularly development of the health sector as well as preventing overlapping of duties and disguised unemployment in the ministry. They also shared the ministry’s proposed organizational structure with the President that is mainly focused on preventing a bloated structure, giving priority to health service delivery and controlling the private sector.

Stressing on strengthening and specialization of the health sector, the MOPH officials added their main goal is to properly fight the spread of coronavirus and draw further attention to hygiene matters, public awareness, preventive measures, supervision of hospitals and pharmacies, mother and child nutrition, and preparation for emergency situations.

President Ashraf Ghani said the reforms process in the ministry is a good beginning but more needs to be done.

President Ghani stressed on making further efforts to tackle COVID-19 crisis and ensure better service delivery in hospitals and said a list of urgent reforms and changes should be prepared. He underscored that the key responsibilities need to be defined to serve as a guideline for recruitment of health staff.

The President further stated that Afghanistan is moving towards digitalization. Utilization of technology is important for the ministry, the finance and administration systems should be digitized.

President Ghani urged that ministries of Public Health in coordination with Ministry of Higher Education need to decide on the number of students taken into medical faculties and their graduates considering the need of the health sector.

President Ghani said the structural reform plan of the ministry requires more work to be improved and stressed on accountability in health sector with clearly defined roles for the management and leadership.

The President emphasized on further attention to mother and child nutrition and balanced service delivery in hospitals and said the National Health Program should be shared with Afghanistan’s international partners within the next few months.


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