President Ghani Says Educational Curriculum Needs Changes

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with leadership of Ministry of Education on Saturday evening, emphasized on amendments to curriculum, saying the Independent Administrative and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) fully supports reform in the Ministry of Education, a statement from the presidential palace said yesterday.

President Ghani fully backed the MoE in implementing reforms, adding that no other institution would be allowed to interfere in the ministry’s affairs.

President said that Afghanistan is moving towards digitalization and the inclusion of education in this process is very important. He added that the curriculum needs to be changed, and that the natural sciences must meet international standards, and that the social sciences, which are rooted in the teachings of Islam and our customs and traditions, must be further strengthened.

“Our education curriculum needs to change and natural sciences must be in line with international standards. Social sciences, which are rooted in Islam, and our traditions and customs, need to be strengthened,” the president said, as quoted in the statement. During the meeting, Acting Minister of Education Rangina Hamidi claimed coordination had been established in various sections of the ministry.

“We are working on a national policy, engaged with specialists in this regard,” she informed participants of the meeting.

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