President Ghani: There is No Violence in Islam & Our National Tradition

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered speech in a gathering held on the occasion of the 16-day anti-violence against women campaign and delivering report on cases of violence against women in the country.

In the gathering held yesterday in Chahar Chinar Palace with participation of the First Lady, Vice President Amrullah Salih, a number of members of cabinet and women prosecutors, the country’s general attorney Farid Hamidi briefed related to research report about violence against women in the country.

According to Hamidi, the report has been prepared based on instruction of the country’s President about finding causes of violence against women in Afghanistan and 2,435 cases of violence against women were reviewed from Jan – August 2020.

He added that one of the benefits of the report was that it was used for public polices, making strategies, regulations, laws and improvement of national programs and decisions, saying that in the report crimes and cases of violence against women have been reviewed in light of the country’s legislative and international documents and Afghanistan commitments.

Afterwards, acting minister of women affairs Hasina Safi by praising the country’s attorney general office for the report said the anti-violence against women campaign started 16 years ago and ended today, stressing that further attention was needed towards making the system and its amend ment so that current problems and challenges facing women would be addressed step by step in the country.

In the gathering, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by praising the country’s attorney general office for the report said it was clear that it should continue, adding that changes have happened, but the culture of prosecution still needed continued change.

“We should have moral courage to pave the way for implementation of laws and values in government institutions and there should be clear message in the country’s judicial organs,” President Ghani said, adding that role of women is increasing in government institutions day by day so that the Afghan society is changed to justice-orientated society and it could not be possible without participation of women.

According to the country’s President, all historians of the world had consensus that there was no violence against women in Islam and those creating violence against women were standing against Seeratul Nabavi.

The country’s President asserted that there was not violence in our custom and national tradition too – our culture should be enlivened once again and to do so, the Afghan society should be mobilized.

“Without the First Lady, it would be difficult for me to live and attain achievements. I’m proud of her,” President Ghani said, stressing that there should not be contradiction between men and women and those creating violence against women are not only harming women but also their children.

President Ghani instructed all government institutions and officials to cooperate in strengthening family relations and providing proper environment for families, adding that creation of mutual respect, trust and support were needed in Afghan society and all needed to give hands to achieve this.

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