President Ghani to ANA Commanders: Your Efforts Are for Protection of Today and Tomorrow’s Generations

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a video conference to 22 brigades’ commanders of the Afghan National Army (ANA) by praising for their achievements said the country’s brave forces were in frontline for the protection of people.

“I’m proud of your struggles against the enemy and as a supreme commander of armed forces it is my responsibility to look after you all,” said President Ghani.

In turn, commanders of the ANA’s brigades said that now they could share their demands and suggestions with the country’s supreme commander of armed forces.

Briefing related to security situation of their areas, ongoing military operations and preparations in winter, the ANA commanders said they were all prepared for repulsing the enemy’s attacks.

After hearing overall information delivered by the ANA commanders, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by praising the ANA commanders for their commitment and struggles in frontline said: “Your struggles are for the freedom, republic, maintaining security of the people, today and future six generations of the country.”

Praising also the ANA commanders for their commitment and preparations for ongoing military operations and repulsing the enemy’s attacks, the country’s President instructed that their mobility and operations should be coordinated and maintaining security of highways should be in their top working priority.

President Ghani also instructed the ANA commanders to share their programs, plans and problems with the country’s National Security Council so that it could timely address them, stressing on further coordination between the ANDSF and concentration on borders.

The country’s President also instructed the ministry of defense to take urgent steps towards equipment of brigades and their commanders should closely and jointly work with the people to provide better security in their control areas, adding that the brigades’ commanders should also boost their coordination with governors and strengthen their relations with ANA soldiers and officers as they had better awareness of situation of the areas.

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