President Karzai Bestows Medals To Afghan Scholars

Saturday, April 12, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai bestowed official medals to the first Afghan astronaut, Abdul Ahad Mohmand, some literary figures and others. 
According to presidential press office to BNA, while talking to Mohmand, Afghan writers, poets and analysts President Karzai said, “It was an honor for me to meet you iconic writers, poets as well as the first Afghan in space from close.”
President Karzai hailed the efforts of the literary figures and analysts and hoped that they will continue their efforts to move the country towards achieving more gains in various academic areas. Nematullah Shahrani praised President Karzai’s love for education and said, “As a trend literary figures were being appreciated after death.
However, President Karzai for the first time praised the scholars in their lives.” President Karzai awarded Mir Masjidi Khan Medals to Nematullah Shahrani, Jalal Nurani, Samiullah Taza, Abdul Satar Pordeli, Haider Wajodi, Muhammad Yaqoub Wahedi, Muhammad Sadiq Razaqi Narewal, Abdul Malek Lamwal, Maulvi Zainullah Manlai, Sayed Abdul Qayum Sajadi, Rahnaward Zaryab, Sayed Husain Fakhri, Muhammad Akram Usman, Saleh Rasekh Yaldram, Sarwar Maulai, Muhammad Masoum Hutak, Abdul Wasey Latefi, Wasef Bakhtari, Abdul Bari Jahani, Asadullah Ghazanfar son of late Muhammad Sediq Pasarlai, late Nasrullah Hafez’s son Hedayatullah Hafez, Reza Muhammadi, Abdul Ahad Mohmand, Latef Bahand and Najmul Rahman Mawaj. Abdul Ahad Ashrati, Rashed Saljoqi, Abdul Ghafour Arezo, Mir Hussain Shah, Ali Muhammad and Ustad Abdullah Bakhtani Khedmatghar were bestowed Ghazi Mir Bachakhan Medals. The president bestowed Mullah Mushk Alam Khan Medal to Habibullah Rafi. President Karzai also awarded Malalai Medals to Safia Sediqi, Gulalai Habib, Spogmai Zaryab and Shafeqa Yarqin. President Karzai directed respective foreign missions to give medals to those who failed to attend the ceremony.

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