President Karzai Inaugurates New Educational Year

Monday, March 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Addressing a special ceremony marking the start of 1393 educational year, President Karzai expressed confident over the future prosperity of the country and urged on the Afghan people to participate in the upcoming elections in larger number.
The president also anticipated that Afghanistan will so reach to permanent peace and security in the near future.
He called on the Afghan children to pursue the way of education as today the world is engaged in war of education and knowledge. “Today war is the war of education in the world, it’s the war of technology and knowledge,” president Karzai said.
Alongside the political developments and education president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan also touched on the issue of upcoming presidential and provincial councils’ elections and said that the Afghans must come out on 5 April extensively cast votes.
“11.5 million Children are commuting to schools, if our elders come out in the Election Day on such scale, election will be successful,” president Karzai added.
The president also spoke about the restoration of peace and security in the country and said that our aspiration for peace will be achieve soon: definitely peace will be restored today or tomorrow “Pakistani government is negotiating with their own Taliban, their negotiations and talks have moved forward, the Afghan Taliban are also willing to talks with us today or tomorrow this will happen and peace will be restored,” president Karzai further said.
According to president Karzai, what could assure the future of the country in real sense is that learning and educated generation.
Afghanistan has passed through major ups and downs over the last twelve years, saying that twelve years the first thing which we saw was that our children including girls and boys started going to schools.
This comes at a time that still majority of the schools are closed to students in some insecure regions in at least nine provinces of the country and still up to two million pupils are deprived of getting education.
The president also talked on the recent attack on Kabul Serena Hotel in which several innocent civilians including women and children were killed and said that the terrorist associated with international intelligence services once again massacred our innocent civilians.
“In the incident two of our children were also killed along with their parents, but their souls will be happy seeing millions of other children commuting to schools,” President Karzai said.
Following the collapse of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan gained outstanding development in various spheres including education, health, telecommunication, information technology and democracy and today up to 11 million Afghan pupils are going to schools while thousands others are pursuing education in universities.

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