President Karzai Inspected Advance of Paghman Palace Project

Sunday March 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President of Afghanistan Islamic Republic Hamid Karzai once again inspected the work process of construction project on Paghman Hill on Friday afternoon in which the 1393 international New Year’s festival is supposed to be celebrated.
President Karzai visited separate parts of this project and issued essential instructions to relevant officials on removal of current shortages. This construction project includes rebuilding of historical monuments, ancient palace and gardens and building of a palace for celebration of 1393 new year’s international festival.
The hall of the new palace which has been well-constructed in classic architecture has a capacity of 1000 invitees. President Karzai also met those young boys and girls who will welcome the local and foreign invitees who are expected to attend New Year’s international festival.

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