President Karzai Instructs Concerned Authorities To Initiate Work For Transferring Affairs To Next Govt.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The first periodical meeting of 1393 Council of Ministers with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting in Presidential Palace yesterday. 
According to BNA in the meeting, the council of minister described the death of Habibullah Ghalib the minister for justice as a great loss to the judiciary system of the country and besides hailing his honest services prayed for his departed soul might be rest in the eternal peace.
The president besides expressing sympathy with the family of late Ghalib, his friends and members of the government, said that Ghalib was a great scholar and prominent lawyer of the country.
The president also added that the late Ghalib had honestly discharged his duty over the past years and his death following the demise of Marshal Fahim is the second loss for the government and the nation of Afghanistan.
President Karzai also spoke about the government readiness for handing over of affairs to the next government coming out of the 1393 presidential elections and ordered the ministries and independent organs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to prepare reports on all the achievements over the past 12 years with providing necessary documents, plans, experiences and the challenges ahead of the programs and prepare for handing over to their successors in the next government.
In addition to endorsement of the instructions by the council of ministers it has tasked the directorate of administrative affairs and the secretary council of ministers to work with ministries and concerned bodies for the implementation of the instructions and present their report to the Presidential Palace.
The Council of Ministers has also discussed the terror attacks on Kabul Serena Hotel, police department of Kandahar, in Faryab, the radio and television of Nangarhar and the report of interior ministry and the security organs in this field, saying the attack on Serena Hotel where its security provided by private company Shield is against the claim of Taliban.
Taliban in their statement said that by conducting an explosion at the gate of the hotel removed the obstacle and then by using rocket propelled grenade entered with heavy weapon into the compound of the hotel; while preliminary investigation films taken by security cameras indicate that there were no explosion and the terrorists had used side-arms in the attack which speaks of the involvement of foreign spy agencies and the Taliban under the instruction of foreigners, claim the responsibility.

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