President Karzai Meets Relatives Of Parwan Martyrs

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai had a meeting with the relatives of the Parwan martyrs. 
At the meeting the relatives of the martyrs who had taken part at the protest march in reaction to the torching of Holy Kuran in Parwan province were present. 
President Karzai expressed his sympathies with the families of the martyrs and the wounded and expressed the hope such an incident not occur in the future. 
He added that such incidents have two reasons, firstly that still Afghanistan is not calm and secondly that the culture of demonstrations is not mature and the security forces are still to learn how to act. 
Abdul Sattar Khwasi secretary of the House of People representing the Parwan people thanked the president that he expressed his sympathies on the telephone with the people of Parwan over the casualties in the demonstrations in reaction to torching of Holy Kuran. 
Khwasi added that the president strongly condemned torching of the Holy Kuran and his reaction is being widely praised by the people of the country. 
Governor of Parwan Abdul Basir Salangi provided information to the president on the casualties in terrorist attack on the provincial governor house and the recent incident in the Shinwari district of the province. 
At the end president Karzai while members of the national assembly and Parwan governor were present, delivered cash assistance of the government to the martyrs’ families and the wounded family members.

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