President Karzai Rings School Bell, Inaugurates Academic Year

Sunday March 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai with beating the school bill inaugurated the new education year in Afghanistan.
According to BNA correspondent, in a ceremony held in Amani High School, the president recalling the achievement in the field of education over the past 12 years said that going girls and boys to school is enjoyable scene in our life which raises the ray of hope for the future.
Calling upon children and youth to study the president said that in today’s world there is the war of technology and science.
“The reason for our misery, our poorness and our dependence and raiding by foreign forces is because of lack of knowledge and science,” president pointed out in his speech.
Recalling the positive changes over the past 12 years, that today’s Afghanistan is utterly different from 12 years ago.
About the recent terrorist attack on Serena Hotel in Kabul which left several people dead including children, the president stated that the foreign intelligence’s trained terrorists had martyred our people including two children and their parents, adding the souls of these two martyred children will fell happiness by seeing millions of children going to school.
Attending millions of boys and girls to school virtually is the caravan of victory and honor of Afghanistan.
The president also noted those attempt to ensure their interest in Afghanistan by supporting militancy should have realized that the people of Afghanistan won’t bow before power and threats, saying should choose soft way because we afghans are the best friends and the history has proved it.

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