President Karzai Tasks MoD To Seriously Review Kunar Terrorist, Deadly Attack

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Presided over by Hamid Karzai, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the weekly session of ministers’ council was held yesterday at presidential palace.
Based on directorate of information and public affairs for administrative affairs and secretariat of ministers’ council, the council discussed on dreadful terrorist incident launched by the country’s enemies on ANA outposts in Ghaziabad area of Kunar and for investigation of the issue, the president postponed his official visit to Sri Lanka, expressing its deep sorrows over martyring of ANA soldiers and seriously condemned the terrorist act, resulted in martyring of 21 ANA soldiers and missing six others.
The council praised the martyred ANA soldiers for their bravery towards defending national sovereignty of the country, wishing paradise for the martyred soldiers souls and patience for the remained. President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while tasking Ministry of National Defense for investigation of the issue once again tasked Minister of Defense to overall assess the issue and take urgent step with cooperation of MoI and NDS for discovering the missing ANA soldiers, reviewing the incident, specify the security gap and identifying the perpetrators in order that such terrorist attacks are prevented.
Minister of Defense was also tasked to distribute assistance of the ministry and presidential palace to the martyred families and shared sorrows with them.
Following, Minister of Information and Culture briefed the session related to ending festival ceremony of Ghazni as Center of Islamic Culture, adding the ceremony began by reading out the message of president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Minister of Information and Culture said the ceremony was attended by ministers of urban development and transport and aviation, advisors of construction, technical, mines, energy and water to the president, representatives of people in national assembly, foreign guests, Islamic countries ambassadors to Kabul and nearly 12,000 guests from different provinces of the country including governors of Kabul, Ghazni, Logar, Paktika and mayor of Kabul.
The council of ministers praised the security commission and MoI, MoD and NDS for maintaining security of the festival. The council also praised ministries of urban development and information and culture for their efforts towards renovation of historic monuments and places and based on suggestion of Ghanzi people related to protecting the historic monuments, the council approved Ghazni as first grade province, tasking MoIC to predict necessary budget in its annual development budget for renovation of historic and cultural monuments of the province. Later on, minister of information and culture briefed the session related to draft of national policy for Afghan youths.
After overall discussion, the session tasked ministers of information and culture, education and higher education under the chairmanship of senior advisor to the President Prof. Nimatullah Shahrani in order to review the draft and present it after discussion and amendment to the upcoming ministers’ session.

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