President Karzai Urges People To Plant Sapling

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) I advise all the municipalities and the organizations to organize planting tree through collective participation of the people in order to improve environment of cities and greenery and every city should plant more trees compared to past year. 
These were stated by president Karzai in his 15-day radio address aired last night on the eve of coming New Year. 
He said for the time immemorial people used to plant trees on their orchards and this way celebrated the New Year. 
He added we should use this opportunity and at least every person should plant a tree in their home, streets and other proper places and if we do such we will have millions of new trees next year. 
He asked all the orchard owners and farmers in the villages and localities to expand their orchards by planting of saplings and this add to their greenery. 
He noted that increase of trees in the orchards on one hand bring in more yields and improve families economy on the other hand improve greenery to the environment, improve air in the cities and lessens illnesses. 
He said our country has more attention towards greenery and this is important needs of our society in every region so we need to attach more attention on this issue and these revive our lost forests and greenery. 
He added that the only positive way to improve environment and greenery in the country is planting of trees and expansion of forests. 
With the will of God this year we had plenty of snowfalls and rain in the country and we hope to have a better productive coming year compared to the past and this has also prepared a good ground for planting trees as well. 
He stressed that we should not forget that greenery and protection of environment become certain when every one of us plant a tree and maintain them by watering and this way assist overall greenery in the country.

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