President Karzai Welcomes Women’s Peace Efforts

Monday, March 03, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has welcomed Afghan women’s efforts towards maintaining peace in the country.
Presidential press office stated BNA, more than 200 Afghan women during a countrywide campaign starting from 15 January and continuing to 01 March, 2014 signed for maintaining ceasefire and peace in the country. In the campaign aiming at maintaining peace and national unity, Afghan women have asked government, armed oppositions and international community to declare truce and work for peace in the country. Participants in the campaign said, “As Afghan women, half part of the society, for the sake of Allah, respect of martyrs aspirations and based on Quranic verdicts, we are asking those involved in ongoing war in the country to stop killing each other and work for peace.” In a declaration issued by Afghan women in the campaign said, “Each Afghan wants peace and we hope all sides will respect us and respond this Islamic and Afghan demand as positive and stop the war in the country.”
They have asserted Afghan people loved their country and would never want their sisters and mothers to lose their children and gardeners. They would never want the country’s children to live miserably and without their mothers and fathers’ love. President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while welcoming the Afghan women’s voice and efforts said Afghan women as half part of the society have given a lot of sacrifices in the past years and always raised their voice for maintaining peace and stability in the county

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